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"Crista is a true healer.  She has moved through her own trauma and found peace and healing which she patiently and willingly helps her clients find as well.  As a seasoned mental health professional, I strongly recommend her."

Joanie Mankus, MSW CO

"Crista created a safe, supported space in which I was able to share a story I had not previously put into words.  She stayed right with me during the experience and asked questions that deepened my connections and understandings.  I am grateful for her support and guidance as I processed a difficult narrative."

Hilary A.- Colorado, CO

"Crista holds space with incredible compassion, strength and wisdom.  During my time with her, I was able to speak my truth that I’ve kept quietly inside for decades.  From my experience with being coached by Crista, I feel empowered and lighter in my spirits."

Katie Q.- Woodacre, CA

"Crista has a strong, caring essence.  She creates a safe space in which to be vulnerable and she really has your back. Giving her client the strength to explore and drop whatever they need, too assist them on their path to wholeness. "

Shelly N.- Danville, CA

"Crista coaches from a place of strength and calmness.  She creates a space that is safe for clients to be vulnerable; allowing them to heal the wounds from their past."

Betsy C., Chicago, Il

"Crista has the most amazing energy to be with.  She shows up as a coach however she needs to, to help the client in their process.  Her heart and boldness is a beautiful combo to be an outstanding coach.  She also has the funniest sense of humor for after to enjoy.  I love her!"

Cali B.-  Maple Creek, SK

"Crista is a kind, supportive, deeply engaged coach.  She holds sacred contact with care, allowing for her clients to unfold naturally into the deep healing process with herself and the horses.  I look forward to my next session with her immensely. "

Nelle R.- Madison, WI

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